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All work shown here is due by midnight Pacific time on the listed due date.

There is a 48-hour grace period when late work will be accepted without penalty. Work submitted during the grace period will be marked “Late,” but points won’t be lost.

Week 1 — August 23rd through August 29th
Read and complete the Getting Started module

Post a quick reply to the I’ve Arrived!! discussion thread

Review the Syllabus page and links

Read the Syllabus and write down all your questions

Read and complete all tasks in the Week 1 module

Complete the Syllabus Question discussion task

Complete the Online Learning Tips! discussion task

Complete Reflection 1

Week 2 — August 30th through September 5th
Read the Darn Details module

Read and complete all tasks in the Week 2 module

Complete the Darn Details quiz? (optional, extra credit)

Complete the Active Reading discussion task

Complete the Reading Skills quiz

Complete the Learning Styles discussion task

Complete Reflection 2

Week 3 — September 6th through September 12th
Read and complete all tasks in the Week 3 module

Complete the Private Messages assignment (see Modules, uses the Canvas inbox)

Complete the Chat assignment (instructions in Modules, uses Chat tool)

Complete the word file practice for attaching a Word file in an assignment (saved in rich text / .rtf)

Complete the Time Management discussion task

Complete Reflection 3

Week 4 — September 13th through September 17th
All work for these days is due by midnight Friday, September 17th. (Note, the grace period for this last week runs through midnight Sunday the 19th, although Friday is the official end date of the class.)

Read and complete all tasks in the Week 4 module

Post your Attachments and Links discussion task

Post your Big Three discussion task

Say your farewells (in Discussions)

Comments and Suggestions (in Discussions)

Permission to use your work? (in Discussions)