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Riba Taylor
Teacher and writer

This page is designed for my students, to let you keep track of me over time (should the inclination to do so arise!) and to share a bit of my own work in progress, slow though the progression may be. šŸ˜‰

I will try to update the information here on at least a semi-regular basis to let you know what community college courses I’m teaching and what creative writing workshops might be coming up. I’ll also include links here for any online creative projects of my own as I begin to develop them (see No Holds Barred and La Casa Azul at the bottom of the page).

Enjoy perusing. And always, happy writing.



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Creative Writing
English 210, section 4364
English 212, section 4371
(Full-semester course, 3 units)
Mendocino College
(begins January 21st)

Online English 210/212 syllabus

Online English 210/212 tasks list (assignment calendar)



Creative writing workshops (online)

These workshops provide a chance to practice, share and offer feedback on spontaneous writing. Beginning writers are encouraged. Old hands at this craft are very welcome, too. You may even find something reawakened in your own writing during the course of a workshop. The one-and-a-half-day workshops are synchronous and the four-week workshop is asynchronous, although I may schedule some optional synchronous writing activities during the course of the four weeks.

Workshops range from one or two hours to full day or three-day workshops. Ongoing meetings are a future possibility, as well. These will be through Zoom that allows us to see and interact with each other in “real time.”

No current dates are scheduled, but you can sign up here to be on my email list:
Email list

Or you can check here for other current or ongoing offerings:
Classes and workshops
(Note, this page includes meetings in the Palm Springs area if you happen to be in town! šŸ˜‰


My own creative projects (online)


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No Holds Barred

This is my current blog. I generally post once per week. I hope you’ll stop by.
No Holds Barred
61 at 61: Devotion and Big Fun


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La Casa Azul

La Casa Azul: Letters to You from the Blue House