front door entry
Front door


Our building is a gorgeous old building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his son, Lloyd Wright. It has glass everywhere and incredible light in the room where we will write together. But it is in need of some TLC. The retreat center is a nonprofit and has been investing in this process little by little—the smaller units, it seems, are in better shape, but our building has not yet benefited from some much needed attention. Linens and bathrooms are clean, but the bedrooms are lacking in furniture and the carpets in those rooms are not good (though they have just been shampooed since my visit, so that’s a good sign).


meeting room seen from outside
Meeting room seen from outside the window


It is not “posh” by any means, but it has beautiful light and a fireplace and new tile floors in our meeting room. Plus there is the magic of the architecture and the desert itself. We have our own big yard area, too. (And, of course, we can roam the trails on the property and visit the two little water areas or use the center’s pool. But we are self-contained and private.)


outside walkway shot from inside
Walkway shot from inside the building


window shot of back
Shot through the kitchen window, I think, because I liked it! Wooden fence marks a small corner of the big private yard